Ricoh Spaces

RICOH Spaces

Empower employees and modernize workplace experiences through simplified workspace management.

Bring people together with flexible workspaces

Today’s workplace needs to offer seamless workspace experiences. Offices must offer flexible spaces to support team productivity and create inviting environments for visiting employees, customers, and vendors.

Our cloud-hosted workplace management platform RICOH Spaces connects and empowers people by simplifying desk and meeting room booking, managing the visitor experience, delivering valuable insights into usage trends, and more to solve today's problems and anticipate tomorrow's needs.

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Enable productive and positive workplace experiences

Make finding the right workspace easy

Enhance office efficiencies for employees and visitors

Simplify workspace planning for management and employees

Understand desk and room usage to adapt and optimize spaces

Implement quickly with a clear deployment plan

Empower collaboration and communication

Manage all workspaces from a single platform

Desk booking

Employees can effortlessly find and book available desks using floor plan and web schedule views to coordinate with team members. Usage data informs office design and reconfiguration to meet evolving needs.

Advanced mapping

Easily locate where fellow team members are sitting and book the spot with the interactive color-coded mapping. Enable visiting guests and employees new to the office to quickly navigate the workplace using their phone, tablet, or PC.

Parking management & more

Build custom forms for service requests like cleaning, food ordering, parking and more. Services can be restricted to specific spaces and automated such as for cleaning. Notifications keep team members up-to-date.

Room & space booking

Book meeting rooms and collaboration spaces through an easy-to-use app. Request services, select rooms based on their features, and manage visitors in the same room booking workflow.

Visitor management

Make your offices inviting with seamless digital invitations, appointment reminders, registration and check-in/check-out processes, and personalized and professional messages via digital signage.

IoT platform

Integrate management of IoT devices for a more comprehensive view of space and device usage to inform decision-making. Streamlines office operations and delivers valuable insights to optimize daily office use and enable seamless planning.

Why companies choose RICOH Spaces

Friendly, intuitive user experience design

Employees can access RICOH Spaces through browser, desktop application, and a mobile app, supporting flexible work styles and an agile workplace on the devices they’re most comfortable.

Friendly, intuitive user experience design

Scalable and seamless cloud platform

The latest cloud technology allows for unlimited scalability and use anywhere in the world.

  • Supports multiple languages, making it a truly global platform.

  • Roadmap guided by customer feedback and publicly available.

  • Partner integrations allow for centralization in a single platform experience.

Scalable and seamless cloud platform

Usage data that offers a true ROI

Extensive data capturing transforms office use into knowledge and insight, empowering decision-makers to adapt and evolve workplaces through data and recognize a real return on investment.

Usage data that offers a true ROI

Expert support from workplace specialists

Our Gartner® recognized Managed Workplace Services consultants and onboarding professionals bring extensive knowledge and experience to every implementation. We work with your teams to support adoption and organizational change.

Expert support from workplace specialists

See how RICOH Spaces can work for you.

Explore workplace insights

Employee onboarding time cut by 80%
Employee onboarding time cut by 80%Case Studies

Employee onboarding time cut by 80%

See how RICOH Smart Lockers helped this leading utility company ease IT burden and expedite employee onboarding.

Mailroom outsourcing
Mailroom outsourcingArticles

Mailroom outsourcing

A remote workforce can make timely mail delivery a challenge. Digitally-driven mailroom outsourcing ensures everyone has what they need.

Office and mail services reduce costs 30%
Office and mail services reduce costs 30%Case Studies

Office and mail services reduce costs 30%

This global real estate services firm optimized infrastructure, eliminated redundancies and improved operations.