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The complete guide to the digital workplace

The digital workplace has changed the way we work. Remote and hybrid work have been freeing for employees, as well as the companies they work for.

While some employees opt to work from home, others spend time in-office. And by intelligently leveraging up-to-date communication technology, everyone can still collaborate in real-time, and do so even more productively than before.

For years, Ricoh has been trusted to help companies develop active, flexible, streamlined digital workplaces. In this guide, we’ll discuss:

  • What a digital workplace is

  • The benefits of a digital workplace

  • How to make our digital workplace safe and collaborative

We’ll go over these, among other topics, to help you seamlessly transition to the digital workplace.

Chapter 1: What is a digital workplace?

Get the details about what a digital workplace is, what it isn’t, and how it differs from a virtual workplace.

Chapter 2: Benefits of a digital workplace

The digital workplace comes with many benefits. From improved safety, increased productivity, ever-broadening ways collaborate and more, discover how the digital workplace can benefit you.

Chapter 3: How to create a successful digital workplace

Why a digital workplace and how to create one that is right for your organization. We’ll discuss security measures, internal communication methods, and how to leverage cloud computing to create the best digital workplace for you.

Chapter 4: Digital workplace myths and the reality of each one

This section shares, then debunks, several common myths about the digital workplace.

Chapter 5: Digital workplace trends and the future of work

Explore current work trends in the digital workspace and what the future of the workplace looks like.

Chapter 6: How to improve your digital workplace experience

Find tips on how you can improve your company’s digital workplace experience. In just a few short steps, you can improve productivity, workers’ experiences, and more.

Chapter 7: How to overcome common digital workplace challenges

For many, the digital workplace is a major change. You may meet with resistance all along the employment hierarchy. From continued use of legacy systems to a personal fear of change, this section covers some common digital workplace challenges.

Chapter 8: Best software for a digital workplace

In this final chapter, you will see how digital workplace software creates a seamless, collaborative workplace and keeps your data and information secured.