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Environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility

The Ricoh Way means the right way for the planet

Driving sustainability for our future

When we pursue success, there is only one way we want to achieve it: responsibly. Ricoh supports the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – a global partnership to address the challenges our world faces. The SDGs are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Our building blocks for these initiatives include people (society), planet (environment) and prosperity (economic activities).

We've been committed to sustainable business practices since 1976.

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Our duty is to not only look out for our customers, suppliers and employees but the planet, too. Sustainability has been part of our DNA for 46 years since 1976, we've been an ENERGY STAR® partner – and recognized 7 years in a row as a partner of the year. We also continually promote sustainability in our business practices.

Our goals include reducing our environmental footprint through programs such as resource conservation, pollution prevention and energy conservation. In fact, reducing our environmental impact is so critical to us that we've committed to making strides towards achieving zero Green House Gas Emissions by 2050.

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Save the environment – and save money

Our ENERGY STAR® rated products offer the economic benefit of energy efficiency without sacrificing performance. Our intelligent devices meet or exceed the ENERGY STAR® standards for imaging equipment, including the new low Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC). Features like Sleep Mode and Quick Startup and resource-saving options like Automatic Duplexing – while maintaining your productivity. In fact, we are a charter member of the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool designed to identify green imaging equipment and electronic devices.

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As part of our SDG initiatives, we are mindful of our responsibility as a corporate citizen, with respect to the cultures and customs of all countries. From participating in food drives and natural disaster relief to inclusion and diversity efforts, respect for human rights and forest conservation, we are making an impact within our local communities as well as improving the quality of life for global citizens.


As part of the Ricoh Way – and our dedication to the SDGs, we've established a set of guiding principles and values that serve as the foundation for all our business activities. Abiding by these principles in corporate ethics, compliance, whistle-blowing, codes of conduct, responsible materials gathering and maintaining transparency in management, we continuously strive to improve our governance, and in doing so ultimately enhance our corporate value.

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