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The sustainability shortlist

Ricoh is named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Sustainability Programs and Services Hardcopy 2023 Vendor Assessment

The planet needs us — and we need its resources. Sustainability comes in many forms for businesses worldwide, with every consideration making an impact on our future. At Ricoh, we’re driving change from the inside out with our overarching environment, social and governance (ESG) strategy — from product conception, design, supply chain, and manufacturing to distribution, performance at our business sites, and recycling with dedicated programs to support our corporate responsibilities.

As a digital information services company committed to our sustainability strategy, we’re working with our customers every day to drive digital innovation in their organizations and revolutionize the way people work. Sustainability is ingrained in that innovative process throughout every aspect of our operations.

Driving sustainable business practices with the adoption of technology can start small and lead to great benefits. Automated workflows and analytics, combined with device capabilities and sustainability features, are a powerful combination. At Ricoh, we help customers transform their print infrastructure by offering a variety of digital solutions, coupled with device management options, as well as incorporating products that use recycled plastics in their design, less energy and fewer resources.

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By 2050, Ricoh aims for zero GHG emissions across the entire value chain, and a switch to 100% renewable energy.

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Sustainability facts to drive strategy


Survey respondents report that their organizations have captured financial value from their ESG investments.¹ Are you capitalizing on ESG processes?


At least one ESG dimension — an environmental, social or governance topic — is on their organization’s agenda, according to a survey.² Together, we can make a difference.


U.S. offices waste 12.1 trillion sheets of paper every year.³ Let’s be more conscious and efficient.


Printing on both sides of paper can reduce your paper waste by 10-40%.⁴


In a survey, organizations identify "meeting environmental goals" as either important or very important when considering factors for moving to managed print services.⁵ Learn about Ricoh’s Managed Print Services offerings.


A huge volume of empty ink and toner cartridges are discarded annually, ending up in landfills where they take up to 1,000 years to fully decompose.⁶ Send it back to Ricoh’s recycling program.


This is how much energy you can save with some products when using ENERGY STAR®-labeled office equipment. ENERGY STAR-labeled computers use 30%-65% less energy than others.⁷ Buy with this in mind.

Interested in more statistics to drive your sustainability strategy?

See this Ricoh infographic on ways to make progress

Looking for ways to grow, scale and drive sustainability in your organization?

We can help with guidance on your overall ESG strategy or simply a targeted but comprehensive sustainability strategy.

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Sustainability best practices have been the foundation of The Ricoh Way since 1936. Explore the many ways we achieve environmental, social, and governance goals.

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