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Digital workspace solutions

Streamline workplace operations and drive productivity with secured communications and digital office solutions.

What is a digital workspace?

A digital workspace delivers anywhere, anytime, any device access to applications via an integrated technology framework that centrally manages apps, data, and devices. Digital workspace solutions enable secured hybrid workplace and remote and mobile work practices with equipment, software, and services that connect people and information.

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Benefits of digital workspaces

Better customer experiences: Digital information, accessible from anywhere, empowers employees to respond and resolve customer questions and issues faster.

Increased employee engagement: In the office, home office or on the road, employees can connect and collaborate, to strategize, advance workflows, and complete tasks.

Enhanced information security: Only allow access to information to those who need it through secured sign-on, leveraging end-to-end encryption for greater security.

Flexible work environments: Workspaces, such as meeting rooms, can be designed and managed for increased business agility for optimized and adaptable work environments.

Improved business productivity: Anywhere, anytime, and device access allows employees to get work done and still provide work-life balance.

Is it the digital workspace or digital workplace?

Digital workspace and digital workplace are often used interchangeably. There is a difference, however. The digital workspace describes how you work, wherever you are. The digital workplace describes the systems, processes, and practices employed by the organization to conduct business.

What is the hybrid workplace?

Digital workspace management

The evolving digital workspace

Finding the right digital workspace solutions for your organization

Integrated digital services and devices lie at the heart of how we are helping our customers transform their businesses to meet today’s unique challenges.

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