Case Study: City of Watertown

A historical Massachusetts city protects itself with ransomware containment

About the customer


“Deploying RansomCare was our ‘crown jewel’ approach. While no one is immune to an attack, we’re using RansomCare as a fortress to protect our vital architecture and prevent a worst-case scenario.”

– Christopher McClure

CIO, City of Watertown




  • Peace of mind that the city’s data is properly secured

  • Finalized the technology stack for the city’s local government cybersecurity strategy

  • Better visibility into systems’ endpoint protection, risks and threats

  • Ability to focus on future, innovative IT initiatives for constituents

A year after using RansomCare, McClure signed a three-year contract to continue its protection. The solution was sophisticated, yet simple enough for non-technical people to realize its value. “The main benefit is that RansomCare gives us peace of mind and takes the pressure off,” explained McClure. “Our security is fortified and makes us well-positioned to thwart off attacks.”

Additionally, RansomCare has given the IT team the confidence to start thinking about more exciting and tangible IT initiatives that benefit their constituents. “Now we're looking at how we can put technology to work, be a better government, and improve internal efficiency, communication, and transparency,” said McClure.

The City of Watertown can focus on IT priorities like digital equity and literacy, community technology capabilities, computer upcycling, needs assessment, cybersecurity literacy for both residents and city workers, public safety document automation, learning management, and much more. The city continues to invest in its security, safety, and people, with its community at the forefront of progress.

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