Coworkers walking and talking about how to streamline signage, pricing, and merchandising compliance in retail using MarCom

How to streamline signage, pricing, and merchandising compliance in retail

by Eric Hazzard, Product Marketing, MarcomCentral


Learn how to streamline signage, pricing, and merchandising compliance in retail with MarcomCentral.

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In today’s competitive retail landscape, the expectations of marketing departments have reached unprecedented heights. The demand for swifter, more pertinent initiatives directly tied to revenue goals is relentless.

Local marketing support, while being efficient and cost-effective, must also uphold global brand and compliance standards. However, these expectations must be met within the constraints of limited resources and an evolving environment. The enormity of this challenge is daunting. So, how do leading marketing organizations surmount this formidable task? Smarter digital asset management can help.

Intuitive retail digital asset management

Ricoh’s MarcomCentral® offers a web-based marketing asset management tool that helps retail organizations centralize, localize, and distribute marketing materials effectively. Whether it's downloadable hi-res graphics, customizable brochures, or personalized cross-media campaigns, MarcomCentral provides the ultimate platform for your organization to manage marketing assets, automate marketing processes, preserve brand integrity, and meet compliance needs.

Digital asset management benefits

Marketing needs to contribute to your organization's bottom line effectively. MarcomCentral can help organizations:

  • Significantly reduce marketing costs

  • Maximize resources

  • Enable relevant localized marketing

Based on client feedback, we’ve found that this digital asset management tool can decrease operating expenses by 40% and speed their time to market from months to minutes.

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Stand out with customization capabilities

Though there are a wide variety of solutions on the market today, many are inflexible and require significant resources. Working with innovative technology designed to match your organizational needs with nearly limitless customization capabilities is best. With an unlimited number of users and file accounts gives everyone on your team access. MarcomCentral accommodates an extensive range of file types such as images, videos, documents, and more.

Create a single source of truth

It's best to opt for a solution that provides a user-friendly interface that allows corporate headquarters to effortlessly manage design, users, and marketing assets with intelligent tools. The ideal digital asset management (DAM) solution eliminates silos by allowing changes to corporate messaging and brand elements to be implemented instantly across the entire organization.

For example, with MarcomCentral, your sales team, affiliates, and partners can quickly access and utilize finished assets from anywhere and create customized marketing materials on demand. They select a template, customize the text and imagery within your established brand guidelines, and then choose how and where the finished product is delivered. Settings determine which materials users can access, how content can be modified, and whether approval is required on the final piece.

Easily optimize your messaging

MarcomCentral's reporting provides clear insight into how marketing materials are consumed and customized, allowing you to optimize content and resources quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

The ability to integrate multiple technologies is critical. MarcomCentral can interact with nearly any third-party application, including ERP, CRM, procurement, and other proprietary solutions. Vendors and suppliers can directly connect to MarcomCentral, providing your organization with a unified platform for managing all marketing orders. All this functionality is packaged in a flexible, easy-to-implement, SaaS-based solution that has you up and running quickly with minimal disruption.

Take the next step

Exceed expectations and achieve extraordinary results with MarcomCentral — the innovative solution your team needs.

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Eric Hazzard is a seasoned product marketing professional at MarcomCentral, renowned for his expertise in navigating the intricacies of marketing technology and his innovative approach to product strategy and communication. He is instrumental in articulating the value proposition of MarcomCentral's products, overseeing go-to-market strategy, and driving product adoption and engagement. Eric's ability to communicate complex technical concepts in an accessible and engaging manner has significantly enhanced MarcomCentral's market presence and customer satisfaction. His contributions have propelled the company's success and set a benchmark for innovation and leadership in the marketing technology space.

Eric Hazzard

Product Marketing


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