MarcomCentral® MarcomGather

A digital asset management solution for printer service providers and their customers

Intuitive digital asset management to organize and simplify

As we work in a more decentralized way, finding the most current file or even a file itself can become a frustrating digital scavenger hunt. Searching for files or worse — working with the wrong version! — steals time from you, your employees, and your customers. MarcomGather solves this common challenge in a modern, efficient and secured way, enabling you to centralize, organize, and share digital assets, wherever you and your people are working.

And along the way, you’ll empower your production team to minimize errors, reduce costs, boost productivity, streamline your production environments, and, of course, improve profitability.


  • Unlimited user accounts and file collections
  • No systems to manage or maintain, as it is a cloud application
  • Works with extensive range of file types (image, video, document, and more)

Ensure cohesive collaboration

By centralizing files, you make it easy for remote and hybrid workers to work together. Everyone works with print-ready files from the same easy-to-use location rather than a variety of disconnected cloud drives and personal emails, helping to keep to production schedules. Plus, when everyone works with the same files, you eliminate questions about which version is the most current.

Simplify asset accessibility

You and your employees can access files from anywhere to keep everyone productive and engaged. Access rights protect files as users can only view, edit, or modify files their credentials allow them to see.

Reduce the costs associated with missing files

Your files will always be in the same place, meaning no more costly searching for you and your team. Metadata applied to files simplifies organization and retrieval. Quite simply, you′ll spend more time working with files than looking for them.

Eliminates information silos

Different groups often have their own file storage strategies, introducing the potential for data fragmentation and duplicate information. A digital asset management application like MarcomGather brings all assets together and access management controls allow departments to retain their own “space” and document controls and security.

Understand usage patterns

Analytics tools within the digital asset management application track performance and usage, delivering metrics and insight for data-driven decision-making.


Tech Specs

Standard configuration features:

  • 250 GB of storage
  • A 1 GB single file maximum
  • Unlimited users, including administrators
  • Accommodates extensive range of files (see brochure for current list of file types)

Upgrade options available. Speak with a Ricoh representative to determine the best configuration for your organization.