Case Study: State Community Services Agency

State agency partnered with Ricoh to digitize thousands of paper records, advancing their digital transformation

About our Customer

“Ricoh’s exceptional service, expertise, and support in implementing Laserfiche have been invaluable to our agency, significantly enhancing our operational efficiency and productivity.”

‒ Director, Community Services



  • Implemented Laserfiche enterprise content services

  • Deployed Laserfiche in two phases

  • System and process integration with a qualified rehabilitation facility to accelerate implementation

  • Provide full-time application, infrastructure and cloud hosting management

Ricoh's long-standing and successful history with the state has provided a foundation of trust. This history prompted the state to seek Ricoh's guidance for a cost-effective and comprehensive solution that not only meets the state's requirements but also adheres to specific compliance standards, including DoD 5015.2 certification, CJIS 5.9.3 compliance, and Section 508 compliance.

Ricoh, one of the three vendors asked to propose solutions, demonstrated three potential electronic records management solutions, ultimately selecting Laserfiche as the optimal fit to address the state’s needs. Enterprise content management solutions like Laserfiche will allow the agency to digitize, classify, index and store their information and records in an easily searchable digital repository system. This enables the agency to maintain control over their critical citizen records while ensuring compliance and enhancing security.

To meet the 20-day timeframe, Ricoh efficiently implemented Laserfiche in two phases with the highest level of security and to ensure their compliance requirements were met. In the initial phase, Ricoh’s IT services set up the system’s servers through the state’s portal in Azure Government. The system was then integrated with a qualified rehabilitation facility, a third-party provider already working with the state who manually manages their physical records. As a state law requirement, Ricoh worked with this provider to handle the backfile conversion and submit the documents to Laserfiche for indexing, filing and archival.

As a result, Ricoh successfully designed, implemented, tested, and deployed the system in 19 days to begin the digitization process and efficiently monitor the volume. This swift action not only helped the agency avoid fines and penalties, but also significantly improved their services and ensured the secure management of citizen records.

Following the successful completion of phase one, phase two was initiated to implement the records management retention series and expand on the group access controls and various records supporting workflows.


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