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Case Study: National Pet Retailer

National retailer reduces costs and accelerates time and efficiencies with Ricoh Managed Services

About our Customer

“Ricoh understands our business needs. They bring forward new ideas and technologies that enable us to save money and then pass those savings along to our customers. Whether it’s their own solution or a third party’s, Ricoh’s outside-the-box thinking is what really sets them apart.”

Sr. Director Real Estate & Facilities

Major Pet Retailer



  • A customized, co-invented Ricoh partnership

  • Improved process designed to expedite coupon redemption

  • Two dedicated Ricoh employees on-site at retailer’s location

Ricoh centralized the processing of the coupons to one Ricoh-managed off-site facility, staffed by our employees. Using high-speed scanning equipment, we can process coupons 4-5 times faster. Physical coupons, shipped from the retailer’s 1,400+ locations to the Ricoh location, are then sorted, scanned, and shipped to each manufacturer, along with the required data information on each coupon.


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