SpencerMetrics Connect®

Improve your processes, press utilization and operator productivity with print shop analytics

About SpencerMetrics Connect® Print Shop Analytics Software

Cloud-based SpencerMetrics Connect® software offers a secured, affordable solution for collecting and analyzing data about print operators, processes and multivendor production devices. An iPad® attached to each press tracks machine data and shop floor data. The browser-based print analytics portal displays results graphically and enables centralized fleet management. Track KPIs and trends easily with unlimited data storage.


  • Automate manual processes for collecting and analyzing data to increase accuracy and decision-making speed.
  • Learn how long each activity takes and use this information to reduce downtime and increase asset utilization.
  • Improve print job costing, estimating, scheduling and billing by comparing actual production time and costs with estimates.

Improve print workflow productivity

Collect digital press data automatically and enhance it with operator knowledge. View the resulting data summaries in the analytics portal and apply the insights immediately. Improve print shop operations by:

  • Tracking data related to service, repair, consumables, setup, stoppages, rework and more.
  • Obtaining an accurate picture of how long each activity takes on the shop floor.
  • Establishing your best practices by comparing presses, locations, operators, shifts and time frames.

Modernize your print shop data collection effort

Replace sensors, cameras and barcodes with user-friendly software that does the heavy lifting for you. Connect® works with print devices from many manufacturers as well as finishing equipment that’s capable of sharing data. Make accurate, fast decisions based on:

  • Automatic time codes and event logging — operators add the downtime reason code and details
  • Browser-based, on-demand analysis with easy-to-interpret graphics that pinpoint corrective actions
  • Job cost analysis that reveals actual production costs and enables you to improve estimates, scheduling and billing
  • The ability to import data into print MIS systems or other business applications when you use the SpencerMetrics API

Take advantage of cloud flexibility and power

Why tie up capital in software, updates and maintenance or add to the workload of already busy IT staff? Connect® subscriptions include an iPad® for each connected device, installation, training and support. The software scales from one press to thousands in one or more locations, and it synchronizes information automatically. View the big picture or drill into the details. Either way, you can stay on top of what's happening and make on-the-fly adjustments.

Watch margins rise with print shop analytics

Expert set-up, integration and training services can accelerate ROI. Our production print implementation specialists can help make sure you are capturing the right data efficiently and consistently — and work with you to prioritize other opportunities to increase productivity and profitability.