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Whitepaper: The Impact of Emoji in Workplace Communication

Legal & Compliance Considerations, Case Law, and Discovery Challenges
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...ignoring the impact of emoji in communications is akin to dismissing documents or communications as non-relevant because they are in another language.

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Uncover the importance of emoji eDiscovery

Legal counsel today must understand the language of the emoji in workplace communication. Corporations would be wise to implement guidelines for emoji use. And anyone involved in document review and production should specifically target emojis as part of their eDiscovery.

Cases can be won or lost on the meaning of an emoji – a fact demonstrated by a growing library of case law for both civil and criminal matters. In this whitepaper, we explain why emoji use has gone from social liability to legal liability and how to overcome the linguistics challenge this visual communication presents. 

Download your copy of the whitepaper now and you will also discover:

  • Why emoji meanings aren’t always tacit, but often explicit
  • 2 nightmare emoji legal scenarios for a business
  • 4 cases in which emojis played an integral role in the decision
  • The 5-step process we use to discover emojis during document review 

This whitepaper is a must-read emoji deep-dive for anyone involved in discovery or corporate and HR compliance. 

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