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Whitepaper: Why healthcare systems are choosing digital fax

Efficient communication and protecting personal health information is only the beginning.

Learn why healthcare systems are choosing digital fax.

One step at a time: Building the next generation of efficient health system communication whitepaper cover

Years ago, faxing revolutionized healthcare communication. Today, traditional faxing represents a gap in communication – especially in light of the speed, accountability, and efficiency of digital fax. And that’s before we even begin an analysis of its costs.

Faxing may remain a preferred form of communication, but a comparison of traditional and digital fax provides a clear understanding of why healthcare systems are now shifting to digital fax. Yet, digital fax today isn’t the same as it was.

Original, on-premises versions of digital fax had their own costs, such as equipment, maintenance, and a need for IT resources. The time needed to make the change presented serious challenges and impediments to make the shift.

Those have been addressed.

Now, cloud digital faxing specifically designed for healthcare systems delivers all of the benefits of fax, with an as-a-service approach that has reduced those drawbacks. 

We explore the challenges and benefits of making this change in our whitepaper, “One step at a time: Building the next generation of efficient health system communication.” Inside, you will discover:

  • How many billions of dollars healthcare systems spend on faxing annually
  • 3 pillars of opportunity for digital fax
  • 4 essential considerations to ensure a successful transition
  • Common rate of fax failure for healthcare organizations, and what it can mean for you
  • How digital fax creates seamless communication 


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