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Healthcare Administrative Solutions

Improve revenue cycle management

When there are leaks in the revenue cycle and gaps in continuity of patient care, the results can be widespread: lost revenue, reduction in quality care, decreased patient satisfaction and physician frustration. Through automation – of orders, patient records access, contract management, claims and collections – you can improve efficiency and increase reimbursement.

RICOH Healthcare Administrative Solutions, powered by HealthWare Systems, provides paperless and automated solutions for many critical aspects of the revenue cycle and patient encounter process.


  • Operational efficiencies of clinical and clerical staff

  • First pass claim payment rate

  • Order tracking and connectivity between facilities

  • Patient and physician satisfaction

  • Facility utilization and profitability


  • Bad debt and cost to collect

  • Denials and lost claims

  • Registration errors related to patient information

  • Manual distribution of information

  • Patient wait and registration times

Digital order management puts you in control

Verify patient information, benefits and eligibility

Move patients seamlessly through arrival and registration.

“Follow” patients through the registration process and reduce wait time. Greet and care for patients professionally with business rules and workflows that move them through the pre-visit, arrival and registration process efficiently. Ensure each patient is registered for the correct services and payer with documentation captured accurately.

Track accounts through successful payment

Resolve patient accounts efficiently


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Enterprise output management

Centralize, streamline and control your printing with lowered IT costs and improved information security.

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Order management

Process orders quickly and accurately.

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