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Administrative efficiency

Digitize paper records and automate manual processes to increase the efficiency of healthcare administration. Save time, resources and costs while improving patient care.

As healthcare continues its shift towards value-based care, hospitals and health systems are working to improve the quality of care while reducing costs. Striking a balance between the two is a challenge.

There's one type of cost in particular that usurps a large portion of the budget. If managed, it could make a significant difference: administrative costs. Roughly 25% of all U.S. hospital spending consists of administrative costs. ¹

However, by standardizing processes, utilizing resources efficiently and leveraging economies of scale, it is possible to help reduce administrative costs. We can help you with the reduction of duplicate testing, mistakes in documentation, missing prescription orders and lost paper faxes. Our healthcare services and solutions help to increase administrative efficiencies, reduce human error and improve operating margins.

Optimize resource and capacity utilization issues by working smarter, not harder. For example, rooms of file storage can be scanned and transformed into digital information and the space can be used as a patient room or to house an MRI machine that creates a new revenue-generating practice. By optimizing the utilization of both clinical and administrative resources, we can help you find ways to deliver high quality care while being cost-conscious.

You can also free your departmental resources to focus on their primary mission, using shared management services, like our Integrated Services Center. Ancillary yet critical functions like claims processing, forms management, AP/AR, mailroom services, scanning solutions and more can be managed by us, saving time, resources and costs. Create economies of scale, be nimble so you can adjust to changing environments and have more time to focus on patient care.

RICOH Healthcare Administrative Solutions

Improve revenue cycle management.

Healthcare Administrative Solutions

Fax Management

Organize faxes more securely and share information quickly.

Fax Management

Enterprise Content Management

Digitize and organize your data and business processes.


Order Management

Process orders quickly and accurately.

Order Management for Healthcare

Collaboration Solutions

Optimize your workplace for more effective teamwork and faster innovation.

Collaboration Services

Outbound Mail Services

Improve efficiency and resiliency of mailroom services and production print and mail.

Mailroom Services

Ricoh MEG

This powerful diagnostic tool measures deep into the brain to help neurological research and discovery.

Powerful technology for mapping of the brain

Plain Paper Prescription Printing

Apply CMS-compliant security features using regular paper and your own printers.


Forms Management

Replace your paper with electronic forms and digital workflows.

Forms Management

Protect patient revenue start at the point of contact
Protect patient revenue start at the point of contact

Protect patient revenue start at the point of contact

Improving the patient experience can increase margins by 6.4 percent. Learn four ways health systems can enhance financial communications throughout the patient journey.

Interoperability is Healthcare's Tower of Babel
Interoperability is Healthcare's Tower of Babel

Interoperability is Healthcare's Tower of Babel

Striving for interoperability? Learn how you can still streamline communication and improve collaboration, even when your systems don't connect.

University of Louisville Hospital
University of Louisville HospitalCase Studies

University of Louisville Hospital

Find out how University of Louisville Hospital saved $1.6 million with Ricoh's managed document solutions and hardware.

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