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Simplify and streamline your entire process — including data collection and delivery, legal consultation and expert testimony — so you can find information quickly while protecting both critical evidence and your organization.





Data Collection and Forensics

 Ricoh offers a wide range of computer forensics solutions to help identify and collect ESI during electronic data discovery (eDiscovery). Our experienced forensics technicians are certified and use state-of-the-art technologies, forensically sound tools and proven procedures to help customers navigate the eDiscovery lifecycle and prepare for the courtroom. 
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eDiscovery On Demand 

Take control of your eDiscovery with 24/7 cloud access to upload data, select processing services and receive automated project status notifications. Find industry-leading eDiscovery technology and customizable templates built specifically for the size and needs of your firm.

Managed Review Services 

We offer access to licensed, contract attorneys and Review Project Managers trained in the most advanced culling technologies providing you with review efficiencies and cost savings.

Production & Presentation 

With multiple locations across the country, Ricoh can process your ESI and create load-ready files for use in our review platforms, your in-house review platform, native productions or image productions. No project is too big or too small. Our in-house legal experts are also available to provide in court testimony. 

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