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Gain control over the eDiscovery Process

Leverage the cloud to simplify your eDiscovery.

Information and cyber security
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With increased pressure to do things faster and more cost-effectively, legal professionals are turning to the cloud now more than ever. RICOH eDiscovery On Demand is a self-service cloud solution with enhanced security that allows you to take full control of your eDiscovery processes:

  • Upload electronically stored information (ESI) for processing through to production.
  • Access your data online from anywhere.
  • Get a quick snapshot of key information from an easy-to-navigate dashboard.
  • Leverage powerful technology to analyze, search and review your data.
  • Receive automated alerts and status updates.

You’ll also have the support of our team of industry experts and proven practices to help you save time, minimize costs and benefit from cloud technology.


Get web-based access anytime, anywhere


Process and review your eDiscovery projects around the clock.

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We know that in the legal industry, timing is critical. You need to be able to retrieve your projects whenever and wherever you are. As a cloud solution with enhanced security, eDiscovery on Demand is available anywhere you can get online — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. What's more, you can create custom templates to standardize your eDiscovery processes between every office, regardless of location.

Get full visibility into the eDiscovery process


Quickly and easily check the status of your projects.

The eDiscovery On Demand user interface is designed with legal professionals in mind. Instead of spending valuable time flipping between multiple systems, simply log in to the dashboard to get the answers you need. The easy-to-navigate user interface will give you a quick snapshot of your progress, including visual dashboards and in-depth status summaries on data being processed. Or, dig deeper with data analysis and detailed reports.

You can also set up automated push notifications as your projects move through the eDiscovery process. Once you upload data for processing, don’t worry about forgetting to check back in — eDiscovery On Demand will keep you informed every step of the way.
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Enjoy eDiscovery in the cloud with enhanced security


Experience mobility, flexibility and confidentiality with the cloud.

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Cloud technology offers many advantages, but not all cloud services are created equal. We understand that legal professionals want to experience the mobility and flexibility of the cloud, while maintaining the highest standards of security. That’s why eDiscovery On Demand is hosted within the industry-leading Microsoft® Azure™ Cloud, where your data will be encrypted both in storage and as it moves over the network. Now you can get the power of the cloud without sacrificing data security and the confidentiality your clients demand.

Data analysis and review


Leverage powerful technology to analyze, search and review your data.

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With eDiscovery On Demand, you will never feel lost in a mountain of information. Instead, cull your data set and access your most relevant documents by filtering based on keyword, date, file type and duplications. You can also leverage its intuitive workflows and powerful technology to help you analyze and review your data before production, which in turn will drive faster turnaround times and create cost efficiencies.

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