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Digital Forensics Services

Comprehensive solutions for fast, reliable, and defensible data collection.

Key litigation can hide in a myriad of digital locations. Our team of forensics experts can help you find it in a timely manner with customizable Electronically Stored Information (ESI) data collection and management options.

A proven way to collect data

Our forensics team is made up of licensed Private Investigators (PIs) who collect your data with speed and reliability including:

Developed by the experts at Ricoh eDiscovery, Remlox™ is a patented brand of data collection solutions. Remlox Remote ESI Collection Tool is a powerful collection method that creates a complete forensic image of the physical hard drive. Remlox Cloud is a user-friendly, cloud-based solution offering targeted data collection. This streamlines the collection process – and it's all hosted within Ricoh's secured Microsoft® Azure™ environment.

Advanced technology and forensically sound tools

Not all matters are the same, so outsourced forensics services must be able to adapt to your case needs. We offer solutions and have the resources and expertise to help you manage your ESI correctly – and minimize your risk throughout the eDiscovery process.

Our forensics experts will effectively collect your ESI, investigate your matters, and provide expert testimony for a truly defensible and auditable process.

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International expert testimony

When it comes time to present your ESI in court, Ricoh boasts some of the industry’s most tenured Testifying Experts to effectively introduce the facts. With extensive experience including testimony in over 100 cases in 8 countries around the world, we have the proven track record in large national and international matters. Our Testifying Experts can convey complex information in a way that is easily understood by judges and juries alike.

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