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Ricoh's eDiscovery Technology Solutions

Effective, cloud-based technology that meets your needs.

Find the right technology that matches your eDiscovery requirements

You are sure to find the right solution for your discovery needs through our array of partnerships. We work with you as a technology agnostic partner to ensure you get the best technology and eDiscovery tools, rather than trying to force a solution that doesn't fit perfectly. Through our continued investment of time and resources, we consistently seek and assess leading technologies and partnerships so that our clients have access to the most appropriate tools for their needs. 

Our current technology partner portfolio

When you work with Ricoh, you'll find the solution that suits you best.
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Relativity is a feature-rich, web-based document review application that gives legal teams the ability to securely manage evidentiary documents and Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Create automated custom review workflows, reduce the time and cost of review, and search case-related data and information in this platform.
logo of opentext(TM)
Opentext is a lightning fast document review and analysis platform built for tackling the largest, most complex document review projects – and even some of the smallest ones. It is packed with features to automate the review process so users can save costs and get to their most important data sooner.
logo of OpenAxes

OpenAxes begins where information governance, litigation readiness, and eDiscovery converge. It is a complete on-premise identification, collection, smart culling, and legal hold solution focused on identifying relevant and potentially responsive data fast. Easily apply legal holds and investigate and analyze data in place, across unlimited endpoints.


Hosted Legal Hold (powered by OpenAxes) allows clients to streamline and simplify the legal hold process with an easy-to-use workflow.

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Benefit from the highest level of security, while mitigating risk

We understand that the security of your data is critical. Our comprehensive suite of powerful technologies are hosted within our industry-leading Microsoft® Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environments. Both include enhanced security features – where your data is not only encrypted as it moves over the network and between applications, but also while it resides in storage.

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