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See how simple eDiscovery production and review can be

Each of these short videos gives you a sneak-peak into how much simpler and faster your eDiscovery production can become. Want to discuss how Ricoh eDiscovery On Demand would work for you?

Additional Filtering

See how advanced filtering and automation helps you find the data and documents you need to get production done quickly.

Admin Functions

Add users, control access, assign five different functional roles, and more with our simple and intuitive admin feature.

Creating a Privilege Log

Discover how you can create a spreadsheet of privilege documents in minutes, not hours.

Cull and Promote

Find privilege data faster with a seamless process that allows you to tag for review quickly and in the best format.

Domain Filtering

Use advanced filtering to find attorneys’ emails, exclude documents from review, separate privilege review and more.

Gain Insight

On-demand makes it simple to get a big picture view to find privileged information and get a handle on all your data.

Production Features

With our production features, custom redactions become easy, whether you need them for specific production requirements or simply need to do them on-the fly.

Productivity Features

Exceptional features make production simple, streamlined and hassle-free for production in multiple formats, creating a concordance load ready production, and more.

Tag Based Endorsement

Watch how you can tag documents for future endorsement and have those documents tagged during production for faster production creation.

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Simplify eDiscovery production and review

Simplify eDiscovery production and review