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Ricoh Acumen

Discover a new level of project ownership and business intelligence

Make informed decisions about your document review

Ricoh Acumen provides valuable business intelligence and insight from your Relativity environment. Designated users will be armed with snapshot and trend reports, along with workspace metrics and statistics, and real-time review performance tracking.

Using the global view, users can report all their Relativity projects and project history or drill down to single or selected cases with interactive, downloadable graphs and an executive summary of all cases.
Ricoh Acumen dashboard

Take control over Relativity

Ricoh Acumen users gain access to Relativity admin features, such as setting up workspaces and users and applying permissions. They’ll also be able to upload and process data directly into Relativity. This empowers your team to take more ownership and streamline workflows, resulting in fewer interruptions and less demand on Project Management to handle administrative tasks.
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Enjoy greater project ownership

The technology solutions we've invented are designed to give clients greater ownership with increased business intelligence and reporting. Ricoh Acumen is no exception. We created this solution inside our dedicated development environment for custom product design and testing. This technology was specifically designed to increase client project ownership and enhance reporting options in Relativity.
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eDiscovery in the cloud with enhanced security

We understand that legal professionals want to experience the mobility and flexibility of the cloud, while maintaining the highest standards of security. Ricoh Acumen is hosted within our industry-leading Microsoft® Azure™ cloud environment to help achieve this. In it, your data is encrypted both in storage and as it moves over the network. Ricoh Relativity is also hosted in our industry-leading cloud environment.

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