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Ricoh and Resellers

A partnership that equals success
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What is Ricoh Rewards?

Ricoh Rewards is a program that compensates IT resellers for the value they add in selling Ricoh products and services, including printers, projectors and interactive whiteboards. Reseller sales support can be reached at 1 (800) RICOH-43.

In addition, the Ricoh Pro AV program helps compensate AV dealers for the value they add when including Ricoh Pro AV projectors in their AV solutions.  Both programs are supported by a responsive sales team, dedicated technical and marketing resources, Ricoh's authorized distributors, and 24/7 post-sale,  U.S.-based customer & tech support.  

Already enrolled in the Ricoh Reseller Rewards program?

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Join Ricoh Rewards

Become a Reseller

The Rewards program provides automatic discounts, quarterly rebates, discounted demo units, sales incentives, plus responsive technical, sales, and marketing resources. Ricoh's nine authorized wholesale distributors add another level of support and service for Rewards members.  Sales reps of Rewards program members can join the incentive program at ricohroyalties.com.

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Join the Ricoh Pro AV program

Exclusively for Pro AV integrators

The Ricoh Pro AV program was created to provide Pro AV resellers with the support and incentives to profitably integrate Ricoh projectors and services into their solutions. The program is designed for resellers that add significant value to Ricoh products and services through integration into complete solutions. The program excludes retail and online sales of Ricoh Pro AV projectors. The Ricoh Pro AV program can be reached at 1 (800) RICOH-38. 

The Pro AV program provides significant discounts exclusively for AV dealers. Sales reps of Pro AV program members can join the incentive program at ricohroyalties.com.


Wholesale Distributors


Wholesale Distributors


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