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Return to work security services

A way to help facilitate a smarter return to the workplace

Covid-19 has created obstacles for returning to physical workplaces.
Our Return to Work Security Services bring together technologies and services our customers can use as part of their holistic approach for returning to the workplace.

Create a smarter, safer return to the workplace

Choose RWSS technologies and services as part of your Covid-19 policies and processes that you design to allow you to meet your business objectives and continue operations.

Monitor access from employees’ and visitors’ entrance to exit.

Implement a holistic, commonsense, and agile approach.

Facilitate company policies with access screening and control.

Gain insights for improvement with reporting and an audit trail.

How RWSS supports workplace safely to keep businesses working

Access screening

Access security kiosks can perform visitor and employee wellness surveys and remind people of mask compliance requirements. Customize to your specific policies, processes, and risk tolerances. Kiosks can do automated temperature screening that you can manage remotely.

Personnel density & physical distancing

Use analysis and planning tools to modify the availability of reservable workspaces throughout the office to accommodate distancing protocols. Meeting room management and scheduling tools enable you to manage the use of shared spaces. And employees can reserve a socially distanced desk or occupancy-limited meeting room using a smartphone app or email confirmation link.

Training, adoption, and improvement

Gain insights and understanding through a data-driven approach. We can help with consultative change management support, including access to analysis and materials that you can use as part of your own customized training and improvement programs and policies.

We are ready to help you tackle return to work challenges

From technology and services to consulting, our team is ready to help keep your employees and workplace safe.

How can we support your reopening initiatives?

Reopening after this pandemic won’t by like a normal Monday. We can help you on your journey with access control technology, space management tools, and operational management support programs and reporting.

Ultimately, all the decisions are yours. We are here to help you get started, address complexity, and support you along the way with technology and services aligned to your policies and processes.

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What are your overall objectives for returning to work? Have you created an aligned set of protocols?

  • How will you automate your company specific processes, create an audit trail and protect your people and assets? 

  • Will all your employees be returning full time or will you have a hybrid return to work? 

  • What percentages will be full time in the workplace, hybrid and working from home full time?

Although you can never eliminate the risk entirely, we are here to provide you with the tools and resources that you can use as part of your plan to get your workforce back to work. Contact us today to speak with a representative.

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