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Create smarter workplaces with innovative technologies


Traditional work environments are becoming more outdated as advanced automation and collaboration solutions help to create more productive and innovative workplaces. With the proliferation of smart devices, remote employees are becoming increasingly mobile. The right collaboration services and solutions empower teams with the use of this smart technology by making it easy to share ideas in real time via laptops, tablets and smartphones.

“Our customers are working differently. They're working in a new digital environment in fundamentally different ways — always on with access to information from anywhere and anytime."

Glenn Laverty President and Chief Executive Officer Ricoh Canada, Inc.

With today's technology, employees can get work done anytime, anywhere. And with the ability to automate processes and easily capture data, they can work more efficiently and keep ideas moving. Even artificial intelligence and virtual reception services are already taking us into a more innovative future.

Keypoint Intelligence interviewed Ricoh's Glenn Laverty and developed a white paper that helps to define diverse technologies and services that contribute to smarter workplaces. These are broken up into the following six smart-workplace categories that can help enhance innovation, collaboration and productivity:

  • Analytics and automation services
  • Mobility services
  • Unified communications and collaboration
  • Security services
  • Cloud services
  • Workplace infrastructure services

Smart workplace trends 

Learn how Ricoh uses innovative technologies to help businesses work smarter.

With the goal of empowering digital workplaces for small-to-medium size businesses and enterprises, Ricoh tailors the above services to meet our clients' unique business needs — helping them to stay ahead of the digital curve and get an edge on the competition. We offer a wide variety of solutions within these six categories that can be combined to meet your business's specific requirements, including:

  • Interactive whiteboards (IWB) — also known as interactive flat panel displays (IFPD) — that empower remote teams to collaborate from connected smart devices, with support standing by at the touch of a button located on the IFPD display screens.
  • Digital mail services that enable businesses to reduce costs and streamline mail delivery.
  • Cloud & IT Services that help to free up IT resources for more strategic business initiatives, increase employee mobility and enhance data, document and network security.

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