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Optimize Education Operations

Workflows and communications get bogged down when you rely on manual processes due to an outdated IT infrastructure. However, the ability to manage information at digital speed enables school districts to respond to the needs of students, teachers, administrators and parents quickly and efficiently.

With improving student outcomes as a top priority, it's critical that administrators have easy access to the information they need. Our Enterprise Content Management and Workflow Services empower school staff to easily store, access, share and manage data — either onsite or in the cloud — helping to streamline processes like teacher onboarding and certification, improve special education programs, get higher visibility into cost accounting, and enhance student records management.

By centralizing content across your district and automating processes around accessing and sharing that information, you gain more control over your district's important data and make it easier to manage — helping you to track accountability of sensitive data and simplify compliance procedures. Digital content that’s stored in a central repository is also easier to protect when the right security protocols are in place. Our Information Governance and Cyber Security Services address internal and external threats, and provide a proactive approach to classifying information assets and identifying risks.

Now you can simplify processes, help safeguard sensitive data and reduce administration costs with instant access to important information and more control over your data — helping teachers, administrators and parents to improve student outcomes throughout your school district.

Services and solutions

Digitization and Data Processing Services

Convert paper and unstructured digital data into more useful, organized content that's easier to store, access, share and manage.

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Forms Management Services

Easily digitize preprinted forms to reduce paper costs and make editing form fields and verifying data more efficient.

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Advanced Document Capture Services

Scan documents directly into digital formats to help organize unstructured data and simplify information management throughout your school district.

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Enterprise Content Management & Workflow Services

Streamline information workflows with proactive solutions that automate processes and centralize content throughout your school district.

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Information Governance & Cyber Security Services

Improve the reliability of your school district's data, make managing information easier and help reduce cyber security risks.

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IT Services for Education

Help IT to drive innovation and devote more resources to strategic learning initiatives by reducing the burden of infrastructure management.

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