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Administrative Services Optimization

Optimize K-12 data processes and administrative operations district wide.

72% of school system technology leaders surveyed indicate that they are planning or implementing data interoperability technology into their school district operations.¹

When it comes to optimizing data processes throughout a school district, all operations should be carefully considered — both within each individual department and as a whole. With Ricoh's Administrative Services Optimization, we can help make the data processes your faculty and staff deal with on a daily basis more efficient while keeping long-term strategies in mind. We can also manage the transformation so that students, faculty and staff can easily make the transition with minimal disruption to their daily productivity.

Enhance data interoperability throughout your district

Streamline information management for more efficient administrative workflows.

When you keep information in various content repositories across departments, and a variety of people make modifications to shared documents, it becomes difficult to locate accurate data. By assessing how you store data throughout your school district, our education consulting team can find ways to improve data management and streamline workflows. Then we can implement optimization solutions that fit your district's specific needs. These can include:

  • Digitizing paper documents to make information more readily available

  • Mapping and organizing unstructured data with file analysis for easier and quicker access to more accurate information

  • Centralizing data to make it more easily available to staff when and where they need it

  • Improving process management with an information management solution like RICOH Content Manager — helping staff to quickly find the data they need to make more informed decisions

Not only does our team focus on the small tasks that keep your important data moving, we also take a broader look at how these processes work together. A thorough understanding of the big picture is vital to optimizing administrative operations correctly today if you want to maintain high performance in the future.

Accelerate data processes throughout your district

Increase faculty and staff productivity with automated data processing.

Manual processes are increasingly becoming outdated, but once we've minimized your paper-based workflows by digitizing and centralizing your important data, we can set up automated administration processes to help you move at the speed of digital — enabling faculty and staff to respond more quickly to student needs.

Our specialized experts can focus in on every aspect of district management to help speed-up workflows in a number of ways, including:

  • Making labor-intensive AP/AR transaction processes easier to manage while reducing mistakes that can result from human error

  • Enabling your accounting department to incorporate tax forms, grant applications and more into your content management system with editable digital e-forms while automating approval processes for increased efficiency

  • Empowering your legal department to reduce litigation exposure by optimizing your eDiscovery process

When we have a full understanding of how processes across your district function together, we can determine which data and automation solutions offer the most advantageous benefits for your unique district.

Increase visibility and enhance data security

Get dependable data to help reduce costs and stay compliant with regulatory agencies.

Digitizing and centralizing data and processes not only makes information easier to access, it also increases visibility. This is beneficial in a number of ways, including:

  • Enabling staff in all departments to tap into the same information for a more consistent understanding of your district's data analytics

  • Reducing data redundancies and minimizing inaccurate content to help ensure the right data is reported to regulatory agencies like FERPA

  • Freeing up office space and lowering storage expenses

  • Improving cost accounting with the ability to see and track device usage on a per-user basis

We can also feed your digitized data into highly-secured content repositories. Then we can identify and target your most important information and help you protect it no matter where it is within your district's workflows. We can also provide you with better control over who can access content — making it easier to safeguard student data and other sensitive information.

However, internal threats aren't the only concerns when it comes to data security. That's why we also offer information governance services and solutions to help mitigate cyber security risks at your network's vulnerable endpoints.

Empower IT to drive strategic education initiatives

Implement high-performance information systems to fine tune district operations.

IT is the engine that drives data processes throughout your district, and all of the working parts must complement each other to fully optimize digital workflows. With this in mind, our consulting team starts each consultation by assessing your overall operations through the lens of IT to find gaps and map vulnerabilities. We then determine how to make all of your solutions work together to create a seamless data processing system.

Once an information systems strategy is in place, we can help to free up IT resources that can be used for high-priority educational initiatives, such as implementing:

  • A centralized student data ecosystem to help faculty and staff manage student success

  • A special education information system like OnCourse™ to enhance collaboration between teachers and case managers

  • A learning management system to improve delivery of course material

After determining how we can optimize your overall IT infrastructure, our team will also help to set up processes, policies and procedures. This enables us see that the data management, automation, analytics and security solutions we add along the way make sense with your district's long-term strategy.

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  1. 1Paula Maylahn. "2017 K-12 IT Leadership Survey Report." CoSN, 2017.