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Classroom Innovation

With diverse learning styles throughout your school district, learning technology in the classroom should be designed with diverse teaching strategies in mind. Enhancing classroom collaboration is also critical to improving student outcomes and preparing them for a successful future.

The traditional style of lecturing and note-taking is on the decline as today's tech-savvy students become increasingly accustomed to communicating in collaborative environments like social media and online communities. To engage students today, teachers need classroom technology that enables them to capture student attention with a variety of teaching styles.

Our consulting team can help design, integrate and implement classroom technology that lets teachers and students share ideas more effectively — from audio-visual solutions that enable teachers to bring in remote guest speakers via video to interactive whiteboards (IWB) — also known as interactive flat panel displays (IFPD) — that let students directly interact with the display on Chromebooks™ and other one-to-one computing devices. Our collaboration solutions can also help with distance learning — providing video access to teachers in remote areas and connecting your students with students in other countries.

Your district can also increase mobility in and out of the classroom with our Managed Cloud Services that let teachers and students connect to learning platforms and run apps like Microsoft® Office 365 — from both school-provided and personal devices — empowering students and teachers with access to a variety of documents, videos, reading material and more, anytime, anywhere.

Services & solutions

Visual Communications Services

Enhance student engagement with video conferencing solutions, interactive flat panel displays, digital projectors and more.

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Workplace Productivity Services

Help increase faculty and staff productivity and collaboration with collaboration services, audio-visual solutions, Intelligent Lockers and more.

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Interactive Whiteboards

Create more collaborative learning environments that help teachers improve student engagement with interactive digital displays.

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Managed Cloud Services

Migrate to the cloud with scalable cloud services tailored to your unique compliance, security and governance requirements.

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IT Services for Education

Free up your IT department's resources so they can devote more time to your school district's strategic learning initiatives.

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Video Conferencing Equipment

Enhance remote learning with video conferencing solutions that bring students and teachers together across distances.

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We can help design and implement classroom technology that provides ongoing support to teachers and promotes new and innovative ideas.

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IT Project Support Services

We can evaluate your current infrastructure and recommend the proper technology to best support classroom innovation.

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