Returning to work post pandemic

Build employee confidence and keep business moving with a smart and safe workplace

How we work has changed. We need smart, agile workspaces with advanced digital technologies to support the well-being of onsite employees and visitors.

See how businesses are innovating the workplace

Optimize your office for productivity and safety

Masked woman being scanned for temperature
Meeting Room Occupy Screen

How to reduce contact with shared surfaces on your device

Find out how you can clean your technology and use it with limited contact

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Smart and Safe Workplace Solutions

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Optimize your workspace 

Find the facilities and office space management tools and services to create a safe work environment for employee use that complies with health guidelines.

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Print safely, securely and control costs

From managed print as a service to print analytics to full, multi-location fleet management, we can help you optimize printing to support employees wherever they work.

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Innovate document distribution

Hybrid work environments demand new approaches to document and mail handling. See how we can help you adapt.

Mobile printing - smart and safe workplace

Simple solutions for your business

Touchless MFP controls and one-touch workflows turn MFPs into integrated communications hubs that support employee safety and anywhere productivity.

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