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Ricoh’s eDiscovery Technology Solutions

Industry-leading cloud-based technology that meets your needs

Information and cyber security

The U.S. continues to see soaring costs when it comes to managing and processing the growing volume of data or electronically stored information (ESI). As a result, organizations are focusing more on cost predictability and increased efficiency when it comes to eDiscovery. With data breaches on the rise, they are also more concerned about security than ever before.

Ricoh’s comprehensive suite of cloud-based eDiscovery technologies, hosted within our Microsoft® Azure environment, provide our customers with the right solution that is appropriate and proportionate to their specific requirements, with a level of security that puts their mind at ease.


Access to state-of-the-art eDiscovery technology


Stay ahead of the curve without the added strain on your resources and budgets.

Data Tools

Our Hosted eDiscovery Technology solutions provide legal teams with cloud-based access to industry-leading technology without the requirement of additional internal resources or infrastructure. And it’s all based on predictable subscription-based pricing.

Our current eDiscovery technology portfolio includes:

  • Relativity
  • Catalyst insight
  • OpenAxes

Using this in-depth technology expertise and a consultative approach, our goal is to fully understand your challenges and help you find the best solution to meet your needs and budget.


Benefit from the highest level of security


Get the results you need, while mitigating risk.

Security Tools

We understand how critical the security of your data is, which is why data security is our top priority. Our robust portfolio of cloud-based eDiscovery technology is hosted within our Microsoft Azure environment with enhanced security features — where your data is not only encrypted as it moves over the network and between applications, but also uniquely while it resides in storage. In addition, our disaster recovery capabilities include both system and user data, which can result in improved recovery time. We are also in the process of achieving our FedRAMP certification that will allow us to provide cloud-based services to the U.S. Federal Government.


Work with our team of eDiscovery experts


Experience our deep commitment to excellence and providing unparalleled value.

Expert advice
Ricoh’s eDiscovery team specializes in this dynamic and constantly changing industry. It's home to some of the industry’s key thought-leaders, and our technology-certified project managers have over 25 years of experience working with law firms, corporations and government clients. In fact, our technology partners often come to us for insight and feedback based on our first-hand experience working with their technology and our customers.

In the complex and often expensive world of eDiscovery, our goal is to provide technology solutions to our clients that are simple, efficient and cost-effective. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in eDiscovery technology and best-practices can help you condense large amounts of complex data to make it more manageable and get you to the heart of your case fast.

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