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eDiscovery On Demand

Maximize your eDiscovery process with anytime, anywhere access

This user-friendly, cloud-based solution allows you to take full control over your eDiscovery process and get the answers you need within the easy-to-navigate user interface. Simply login and view your dashboard for a quick snapshot of key information about your data.

Simplify eDiscovery production and review Check out these videos to see how On Demand simplifies your eDiscovery production and review.
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Web-based access for anywhere, anytime productivity

As a cloud solution, eDiscovery On Demand is available to you 24/7/365. There is no setup, no hardware required, and no maintenance. All you need is a web browser. And by creating custom templates, you can standardize your eDiscovery process around the globe. Better yet, all data is housed in our industry-leading cloud environment with additional security features.

Here's how you can take control over your eDiscovery process:

  • Upload Electronically Stored Information (ESI) for processing through production
  • Access your data online, from anywhere
  • Get a quick snapshot of key information from a single dashboard
  • Leverage powerful technology to analyze, search, and review your data
  • Receive automated alerts and status updates
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Get full visibility with analysis and review functionality

Leverage powerful technology and analyze, search and review your data before production. The intuitive workflow lets you examine your data set using keyword, date, file type, and duplication filters, so you can get to your most relevant documents quickly.

Get quick snapshots of your progress, including visual dashboards, or dig deeper with data analysis and detailed reports or status summaries. You can also set up automatic push notifications as your projects move through the eDiscovery process.
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Greater project ownership

eDiscovery On Demand is a proprietary technology solution designed to give clients greater ownership, with increased business intelligence and reporting. This technology helps clients get to their most critical information fast via an automated eDiscovery workflow with a self-service interface that will help you enhance case strategy.
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eDiscovery in the cloud with enhanced security

Cloud technology offers many advantages, but not all cloud services are created equal. We understand that legal professionals want to experience the mobility and flexibility of the cloud, while maintaining the highest standards of security. That’s why eDiscovery On Demand is hosted within our industry-leading Microsoft® Azure™ cloud environment. Here, your data is encrypted – both in storage and as it moves over the network.

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