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Improve student outcomes by capturing and managing the right data


59% of school districts surveyed use dashboards for data analytics and 20% have dashboards under development. *

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With a diverse student body comes a variety of learning styles and behavioral issues. To improve student outcomes, teachers and administrative staff need precise data to understand how to teach and support each individual student. Whether you're looking to capture and manage data to help improve student outcomes, streamline procedures for meeting compliance regulations or help with an issue that's more unique to your school district, our K-12 Analytics team can develop an application that fits your specific needs and offer ongoing analytics consultation to help you keep up with future growth.


Get the actionable insights you need


Take a proactive approach to K-12 education with predictive analytics.

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Every school district has different needs when it comes to capturing, analyzing and managing data. Districts that lose students to other schools need to determine the causes. Teachers need data that helps them understand which students struggle the most, and why. Some schools want to identify trends to help improve test design, while others have an urgent need to proactively stop school incidents before they happen.

Our analytics team takes a consultative approach to application development to create an analytics application that can pull data from various sources into an easily accessible dashboard — providing a snapshot of the data you need to help improve your school district's performance. There are a number of additional features that we can design into your app to help faculty and staff make more informed decisions quickly, including:

  • Data-driven entry forms that help to streamline data management
  • Seamless integration with learning management systems
  • Statistical data reports — including extensive search features that let you find information quickly

After we've developed and implemented an app that works for your school district, we offer ongoing consultation services to identify new data points and establish new datasets — helping you to overcome unforeseen obstacles. Plus, our easy-to-manage, monthly subscription fee makes scaling up to meet future growth easy.


Turn data analytics into meaningful action


Make informed decisions with improved data management and ongoing consultation.


With ongoing analytics consultation, we can help you make improvements to your school district in many areas. For example:

  • User data gathered from your multifunction printers (MFP) can help your staff make better cost accounting decisions that lead to reduced costs.
  • Print fleet data can provide your IT staff with the information they need to improve print management and free up IT resources that can be used for more strategic learning initiatives.
  • Teachers can easily identify trends in test scores and speed up test creation — empowering them to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time working with students.

We can also enable lesson planners with cloud capabilities that allow them to create, manage and share course content with teachers throughout your school district — anywhere, anytime. Plus, we can help to automate administration processes to help your staff become more efficient, so they can spend more time on initiatives that reduce costs and improve student outcomes.

With our change management services, we'll help your faculty and staff make the transition to the new technology with ease via training sessions and workshops — limiting interruption to workflows throughout your school district.

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Manage student data with ease


Streamline compliance and grant application procedures with more accurate data.

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Sharing student data with government agencies is essential when it comes to staying compliant and securing the funding you need. Whether reporting data about a student's religious affiliation, special ed needs or other sensitive information, it's important that the data is clean, accurate and located in a secured environment.

Many school districts keep data in multiple content repositories. This can cause redundancies that make inaccuracies more likely to occur — resulting in more time-consuming procedures when filing for grants or working to meet compliance regulations. Ricoh's File Analysis Services help to eliminate data redundancies so you can improve accountability for your data, simplify data-capture processes and help to ensure that the student data you share is accurate.

Our development team can also design a system with enhanced protection that provides security permissions on a per-user basis. We also host our platforms in secured environments to help ensure your data is safe from cyber and other security threats.

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* Grenslitt, Janet. "National Survey Recognizes School Districts for Innovative Uses of Technology." Center for Digital Education. 29, March 2016. http://www.govtech.com/education/awards/digital-districts/National-Survey-Recognizes-School-Districts-for-Innovative-Uses-of-Technology.html
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