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Secure Printing for County Government

Handle sensitive information sensitively 

Help protect your printed and electronic documents against internal and external threats. Our Secure Printing Solution for County Government solution provides assessment, consulting, Ricoh multifunction printers (MFPs) if needed and security features. Print your confidential information in a shared-printer environment with full accountability and cost tracking.

Help protect personally identifiable information

Centralize printing to reduce your document security risks. 

Your county government offices handle documents that must be kept secure — patient health information, social security numbers, financial data and more. But your workers rely on shared printers, and unregulated output is a security breach waiting to happen.

Statement Printing Solution for County Government provides centralized print management, which lets you:

  • Support regulatory mandates that require sensitive data to be safeguarded.

  • Manage device access to establish a secure print environment.

  • Ensure that only authorized workers print and retrieve documents.

Lock down your information

Retain the freedom to print on the device of your choice.

When jobs spool to the printer, they sit in the tray until someone — anyone — picks up them up. That means personally identifiable information (PII) may be wandering around the office, compromising security. And workers have to then reprint missing jobs, driving up cost and recreating the risk.

Solutions that allow you to lock down information typically allow you to choose when to print and on which device, delivering benefits like:

  • Documents don't print until they're released by the authorized worker at the device.

  • Documents aren't sitting in the tray, so they can't be picked up by another user.

  • Documents stored on the printer are encrypted, which helps protect the information even if the hard drive is stolen.

Authenticate then print

Control access to MFP functions with an automated user authentication process. 

Authentication adds an important layer of security, but you don't want it to drag down productivity. Our software takes only a few seconds to verify a user, who can then quickly get on with authorized tasks. Depending on which MFP features and functions you want to restrict, the Card Authentication Package and/or Secure Print Option can be used with standard card readers. Additionally, the Card Authentication Package helps you in other ways:

  • Reduce cost by managing user privileges ― only authorized workers can print in color, for example.

  • Maintain accountability through cost tracking tied to the identity of individual users (when used with Device Manager NX Accounting).

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