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Ricoh meg center - meg oc office

Visit the RICOH MEG Center

Interested in learning more?  Schedule a visit to learn more about how RICOH's MEG can help your hospital accelerate discovery.

  • RICOH MEG is FDA cleared since Oct 2017
  • Ability to record from deeper brain regions using axial gradiometers
  • Capability to sense high frequency oscillations (HFOs >80Hz)
  • Analyze data faster and easier
  • Simultaneous real time patient video recorded
  • 24x7 Helium recycling
    Ricoh meg center - meg analytics acquisition workstation

    Why RICOH MEG?

    Meaningful education for your patient care and understanding.  Here's what you'll experience when you visit the RICOH MEG Center (RMC):


    • RICOH MEG and corporate presentation
    • Review of MEG theories and principles
    • Review of costs and consideration for Ricoh MEG
    • Features and benefits of the Ricoh MEG
    • Your personal MEG recording, co registering structural MRI and MEG
    • Options for various paradigms (language, auditory, visual, somatosensory median nerve stimulation)

    RICOH MEG Center

    Ricoh USA, Inc.
    1100 Valencia Ave.
    Tustin, CA 92780

    Phone: 1-714-316-4661
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