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RICOH MEG brain scanner​

Dedicated to helping improve outcomes for neurological conditions.

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Neurological disorders are one of the greatest threats to public health. And while many advances have been made since the advent of new brain scanning technologies that allow us to see and explore the living brain, there are many mysteries remaining, which have the potential to unlock how we treat and hopefully cure these devastating neurological diseases.

Advances in brain imaging technology, such as the Magnetoencephalography (MEG), enable us to see and explore the living brain. The RICOH MEG detects faint signals within the brain, providing a mapping of brain activity to be able to measure electromagnetic activity deep within the brain. With this type of brain scanner, clinicians and researchers can explore the inner regions of the brain that could hold answers to treatments and hopefully cures for debilitating neurological conditions.

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Brain scanning helps to accelerate neurological discoveries.

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A big challenge for treating neurological disorders is locating what areas of the brain are responsible for critical brain functions.

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Help reduce brain imaging analysis time.

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We help improve neurological analytics with:

  • Software and integrated algorithms to reduce analysis time compared to previous Ricoh technology.
  • Data integrated from other scans (PET, fMRI and EEG) to analyze combined information more efficiently in a single user interface.
  • A single scientifically-based interface: a large 43" screen that consolidates all data points.
  • Information displayed in a natural sequence that aligns with clinician analysis and decision-making.
  • Valuable information from non-invasive pre-surgical neurological mapping.

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Help reduce operating costs: gain more from your brain imaging investment.


RICOH's MEG scanner helps enhance your neurological data acquisition and analysis capabilities. Gain more from your investment:

  • Reduce your largest MEG operating cost: our latest system requires less liquid helium compared to our previous RICOH MEG technology due to highly efficient helium recycling.
  • LEAN Manufacturing methodology supports process excellence and highly engineered, high performance systems, to consistently drive down costs.
  • Flexible service options from training to multi-level service and maintenance arrangements. Get help when you need it.
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Innovation driven by neurology experts


Brain imaging helps improve research and treatment.

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We work with highly regarded research institutes and experienced MEG users, so we can keep developing and advancing Magnetoencephalography (MEG) technology to assist in discovering treatments and hopefully cures for devastating neurological disorders. Our "design thinking" model means we continually improve based on what we hear and learn from physicians and scientists.


Advancing brain imaging to achieve better outcomes

RICOH MEG, a valuable non-invasive diagnostic tool to record brain activity down to the hippocampus and hypothalamus levels.
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