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Transform patient care with timely information and interoperability

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According to the National Institute of Health, 25% of specialists don't receive test results and records for referred patients prior to the appointment.*

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Healthcare professionals working in hospitals and for Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) need to efficiently send and receive patient information. RICOH Healthcare Direct Services can help you make the shift from fax to direct messaging and improve the way you manage critical patient information.


Raise efficiency by optimizing processes


Utilize processes that are more efficient, more connected and less error prone.

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When healthcare systems become more efficient and more connected — everybody wins. Staff are more productive and experience fewer interruptions from service clarification requests. Communication within hospitals and IDNs improve. Information flows, so patients can get the care they need.


Smooth the referral process


Referrals are a critical component of quality clinical care.

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RICOH Healthcare Direct Services enable diagnostic service providers and specialists to integrate more closely with referring physicians. Immediate availability of clinical information results in more productivity for staff members, who spend less time tracking down missing pieces of information.


Improve patient satisfaction levels


Patient outcomes determine provider growth.

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Improved patient satisfaction can increase market share and drive referral revenue. RICOH Healthcare Direct Services makes it easier for referring physicians to order patient services by creating a painless referral process for CPs — reducing patient frustration and enhancing their experience.


Ricoh's end-to-end solution


We offer more than just technology.

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In addition to installation, implementation, program management and training, RICOH Healthcare Direct Services are designed to ensure adoption through organizational change management and advocacy with community partners — as well as analytics for a comprehensive messaging solution.

Migrate partners and manage change


Reduce dependence on faxing by migrating towards a direct messaging system.

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We understand that it can be difficult asking partners to suddenly change how they work. That's why we implement change management strategies — giving “slow adopters" the ability to transition at their own pace and giving “quick adopters" the opportunity to start realizing the benefits immediately.

Continuous value and improvement


Ricoh is uniquely positioned to help you meet your interoperability needs.

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Our team has expertise in re-engineering healthcare messaging workflows. RICOH Healthcare Direct Services provides continuous support to our customers with ongoing monitoring, tracking, training and analysis to strengthen interoperability, improve the patient experience and transform patient care.

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* Mehrotra, Ateev, Forest, Christopher B., Lin, Caroline. "Dropping the Baton: Specialty Referrals in the United States" March 2011. The Millbank Quarterly.
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