Enhance collaboration & sharing across your organization - Collaboration and sharing

Enhance collaboration & sharing across your organization

Make it easy to get data and information to your people – fast and secured. Encourage dialogue and conversations for remote and mobile workers. Unify paper and digital documents into dynamic, automated workflows that drive productivity and profit.

Brainstorming. Solving customer problems. Finding solutions to your business’ biggest challenges. These and other team efforts require you to bring people together, especially when they work remotely. Our collaboration and sharing solutions simplify meeting, talking, sending, and communicating – wherever you work.


Collaboration & Sharing Solutions


Collaboration & Sharing Solutions

Workers using a variety of devices

Talk, chat, email, and share with anyone, from anywhere


Connect with customizable end-user communication services

Take advantage of advanced communications to unite your teams, speed response, and foster collaboration to drive growth. From fully managed email, managed VoIP and more, find solutions to meet the needs of remote workers, mobile teams, and offices anywhere.

Streamline digital onramps & keep everyone informed


Automate paper-to-digital with Smart Integration Workflows

Your multifunction printer becomes a digital onramp to workstation folders, network applications, and third-party cloud accounts like Dropbox™. Autofill meta-data fields, send files to multiple locations at once, scan-to-email and more at the push of a button.
Reviewing documents on tablet
Meeting with technology devices

Save time with easy to access, easy to share documents


Power team productivity with electronic document management

Electronic document management ensures anyone who needs access, has access, whenever they need it. You can also automate business processes, creating simplified and secured document workflows to drive productivity and collaboration.

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Communication tools together with automated and secured documents and workflows can solve many business challenges. But it’s common to have many other challenges facing your business. Please check out these other ways we’ve helped customers drive productivity, promote growth, drive revenue and deliver an amazing employee and customer experience. 

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