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Claims Management

Efficiently turn paper and unstructured content into electronic records.

Business Process
All businesses are required by law to keep records — taxes, employee records, claims, financial statements, legal documents and much more. The amount of business records you must manage continues to grow exponentially — and it comes from numerous sources in many different unstructured formats — like emails, PDFs, paper, forms, Word documents and more. With our Claims Management, we can make sense of the chaos and transform your records into meaningful and useful information. We can digitize, centralize and organize records, as well as provide strategies for storing, processing and archiving. Our end-to-end Business Process Services for records management and file management means you can focus on your core business. You have greater oversight and transparency, while the day-to-day operations are handled by records management and file management specialists.

Focus on your core business, not managing records

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Implement an effective records management and file management strategy.

If these challenges sound familiar — spending too much money on storing records, wasting time searching for misplaced information, risking penalties for non-compliance of record-keeping, failing to protect mission-critical information — then consider the benefits of our records management and file management services. Our records management and file management experts understand how to align people, processes and technology: 

  • Convert your paper-based records into an easy-to-use electronic format.
  • Reduce manual processing and time spent searching for records.
  • Store records on the cloud in an electronic format, rather than in files, cabinets and offsite storage.
  • Adhere to your legal retention policies and records compliance regulations.
  • Have secured access to your records whenever you need it.
  • Store, manage and maintain records in your existing content management system (CMS) or enterprise content management (ECM) system.

Improve records management and file management productivity


Replace paper and unstructured records with electronic records.

From a productivity perspective, electronic records management and file management means:

  • The difference between quickly accessing information with a few clicks instead of searching in filing cabinets for records that may or may not be there
  • Having electronic records at your fingertips no matter where you are — no need to worry about access to information when you're offsite and no scanning, attaching or emailing records to remote workers
  • Retaining electronic records to prevent loss or damage of paper and improve disaster recovery initiatives
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Get a records solution built for you

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Assess your needs and explore your options.

Your records aren't one-size-fits-all, and neither are our records management and file management services. Our specialists are trained to assess your needs and provide you with the right solution to meet your requirements. We can deliver strategies for scanning, storing, processing, accessing and archiving records.

Our lifecycle records management and file management approach assesses the value of information and how long data should be stored according to your policies and procedures. We make recommendations for your key areas like business information risk, disaster recovery, eDiscovery readiness and behavior change management.

Our unique scan and capture solutions encompass both digital and paper-based records. Combining your eRecords with an ECM — whether we deploy it or leverage your existing infrastructure — enables you to share and use records in workflows and processes.

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