Ricoh Intelligent Voice Control

Touchless productivity using your own voice

Keep people working with touchless productivity

Voice recognition and voice control can be found in homes, cars, cell phones and more. RICOH Intelligent Voice Control (RIVC) brings this same touchless operation capability to the new office environment — helping you limit how often people come into contact with shared surfaces. Control device functions, change settings and improve accessibility with just your voice.

Amazon Echo Dot on Ricoh MFP

“Alexa, start RICOH printer.”

With a compatible Amazon Echo device and Alexa for Business account, RICOH Intelligent Voice Control lets you initiate copy, scan and fax processes at your Ricoh Multifunction device with simple voice commands. You can make multiple settings changes — including quantity, color and simplex/duplex — with a single voice prompt. When you see the blue light, you’ll know that Alexa is processing your request.


What do you need to use voice?

  • RICOH Intelligent Voice Control is purchased as an easy-to-add subscription for your compatible multifunction device.
  • A compatible Amazon Echo device and Alexa for Business account purchased by the customer
  • A technical professional enables voice operation and provides training.

Productivity and accessibility without the IT load

Minimizing contact with shared surfaces using Ricoh Intelligent Voice Control helps build a smart and safe workplace. Interactions with Alexa are user-friendly and can help you do more in less time. For example, multiple settings can be chosen with a single voice command, saving time compared to selecting each setting at the touch panel. RICOH Intelligent Voice Control also assists users who may have trouble accessing or seeing the device screen, contributing to improved accessibility and inclusivity in the workplace.

And as a cloud-based service, you have no IT requirements for onsite software or services.


Compatible with these multifunction printers:

Woman in wheelchair accessing Ricoh MFP
Mobile App for Ricoh MFP

Other touchless productivity options

RICOH Intelligent Voice Control is part of Ricoh’s touchless productivity solutions for your workplace. Other options include:

  • Indirect contact: operate the touch panel with gloves, a stylus or similar non-sharp item
  • Card authentication: authenticate at the device quickly without any contact
  • RICOH Smart Device Connector App: control the MFP via the app on your phone, including No-Touch Secured Print Release
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