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printing cloud managment

Print Platform Cloud Service

Easily remove servers and send print to the cloud.

Managed print services
Enterprises are quickly realizing that the cloud is required for digital natives, and are investing heavily in response. By 2020, greater cloud spending for IT and cloud services will exceed $500 billion globally.*
$500 Billion in cloud services
When IT departments are responsible for managing the print ecosystem, they may be pressured to reduce staffing resources and scale back the overall management infrastructure. With so many priorities and necessary changes, moving to the cloud just seems like another daunting task. This is why we offer RICOH Print Platform Cloud Service — a fully-managed service that leverages cloud infrastructure and evergreen IT, freeing your IT staff to focus on mission-critical business. Plus, Print Platform Cloud Service makes it easy to remove servers, take your print infrastructure to the cloud and put print management in Ricoh's hands.

Increase flexibility with cloud printing


Help protect information while improving your print management infrastructure.

flexibility with the cloud

Your IT department needs the flexibility to easily adapt to your changing business needs. Leveraging Print Platform Cloud Service gives your IT staff more time to focus on your business challenges and drive business value for your organization. Our offering can also reduce costs associated with infrastructure, support, administration and management by virtually eliminating the servers associated with your print and fax infrastructure.

From the cloud, Print Platform Cloud Service lets you take a proactive approach to your always-on goals by staying on top of the most advanced software solutions and security protocols with automatic updates.

You also get out-of-the-box security features that help to decrease risks of compromising your proprietary information, including:

  • Secure Print Release
  • Swipe card or pin authentication
  • Device data encryption
  • Data Overwrite Security System (DOSS) that reduces the risk of information theft by overwriting latent data on your devices' hard drives

Plus, Print Platform Cloud Service utilizes a highly secured Microsoft® Azure data center that is audited regularly and meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO 27001, SOC 1 and SOC 2. And as an additional layer of security, Ricoh annually conducts third-party penetration testing on the Print Platform Cloud Service software and infrastructure. Empower your IT staff by eliminating the headache of legacy systems, and reducing the need to field help-desk calls and send techs out to upload printer drivers — shift these responsibilities to Ricoh with Print Platform Cloud Service.


Standardize printing processes company-wide


Provide a consistent user experience across MFPs, locations and devices.

Print Platform Cloud Service works across multiple environments and locations throughout your organization, and no matter where users are when printing or scanning, they get a consistent user experience. Employees who use passcodes or ID cards to release print jobs at Ricoh multifunction printers (MFPs) in your main office will do the same at devices in your other offices when traveling throughout the U.S. — providing them with a simple, uniform experience when authenticating print jobs to help protect documents.

Integrate mobile print into your print and imaging infrastructure, making it easy for workers to use smartphones, tablets or laptops to send work-related print jobs to the cloud or share information — saving time and helping to increase overall productivity.

Our monitoring capability includes high visibility into usage across your organization — helping you find more ways to improve cost accounting by tracking scanned documents and output. This also helps us to provide you with the actionable insights you need to further optimize print processes and keep your workforce working smarter, faster and more efficiently.
Standardize printing processes

Control print costs with cloud scalability


Enjoy seamless end-to-end print support from service onboarding to ongoing delivery.

Control print costs

Print Platform Cloud Service provides you with an easy-to-manage, monthly per-user subscription fee and a scalable cloud environment that can grow with your company. Our ongoing support and management services include:

  • 24/7 support, monitoring and alerting
  • Evergreen software updates
  • Infrastructure management
  • Print device security
  • Standard configuration management
  • Print driver configuration and support

Your IT staff will enjoy the benefits right away, and they won’t have to design, deploy or manage a print management environment. We provide the architecture and deploy and manage all the software, people and man hours needed to help meet the always-on standard you require to keep your print operation running smoothly.

The cloud-first model makes it easy to onboard employees with little interruption. Our onboarding services include:

  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Software associated with the service
  • Device configuration
  • Print driver setup and packaging
  • Desktop client setup and packaging

Now you can stay agile and flexible with print platform management services that evolve with your changing business needs, and you don’t have to break the budget to do it.


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*"Excellence in the Digital Economy: A Blueprint for Success." An IDC Whitepaper. International Data Corporation (IDC). 2017. https://www.idc.com/promo/thirdplatform/RESOURCES/ATTACHMENTS/DXBlueprint.pdf