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Benefits of moving to a cloud print infrastructure


Explore the benefits of cloud-based print infrastructure.

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Moving to a cloud print infrastructure comes with a lot of benefits.  You can free IT resources to focus on strategic projects and value-driven business goals.

Of course, these aren’t the only benefits.

This is especially true with the evolution to hybrid workplaces. Access to technology, including print devices, has become a priority with employees needing to work, communicate, and collaborate while being in different locations.

In this article, we take a closer look at six of the main benefits a company enjoys when it moves its print infrastructure to the cloud.

Benefit 1: Anywhere accessibility for a hybrid workplace

Today, we see employees working together from a variety of different locations – some in the office, others at home, some maybe even across the globe.

Print infrastructure in the cloud removes these traditional barriers. Physical location becomes less important to management and setup, replaced by a device being connected via internet. Once connected, an IT or print management service working from anywhere can configure the device for network use, grant access to only those with a company VPN, and all from a single dashboard.

Secured print release technology keeps data and documents secured for those in the office too. Print jobs can be sent but only released via passcode or ID badge when you are in the office, which also saves money on unused paper resources from abandoned print jobs.

Benefit 2: Everyone becomes more productive

We know eliminating local print infrastructure – servers, applications that need updating, and the space needed to house and store the hardware – removes a big-time commitment for an IT team or department. Cloud print infrastructure does this. But it isn’t just IT departments that enjoy greater productivity.

Everyone becomes more productive.

With less physical infrastructure, there are fewer contracts to maintain and bills to pay, freeing accounting resources. And connecting to printers becomes a task any employee can accomplish in a few simple steps, whether they are in the office, at home, or working halfway across the globe.

The simple fact is that printing infrastructure in the cloud drives greater productivity for everyone in the organization.

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