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Device Management Solutions

Reduce the IT burden on print device management with proactive alerts.

Managed print services

Print device failures are very visible. Our Device Management solution can help minimize complaints and crises among end users by accelerating your response times via proactive alerts about issues that could cause downtime—from refilling consumables to delays in available replacement parts. Access real-time reporting and your admin dashboard from anywhere.


Lower your device management costs


Reduce your device management costs with increased self-service and automation


Busy employees cannot afford the downtime of service calls for print devices. That's why we offer a next-generation print Device Management solution, RICOH Device Manager NX, to help convert more service calls into self-service experiences. Now, reduce your OPEX (operating expenses) while increasing user satisfaction.

Our solution provides an intuitive user interface that helps employees install their own printers and much more. Self-service stays painless because our solution can also:

  • Automatically discover and add printers to your network
  • Centralize management of all print devices in your fleet, making it easy to update printer drivers

Reduce print device downtime


Streamline maintenance with always-on monitoring and proactive alerts


As part of an always-on, constant uptime strategy for your print devices, your IT department or other employees may have struggled to act quickly to refill printer consumables and conduct routine maintenance. RICOH Device Manager NX helps to reduce or eliminate the man-hours and extra costs of servicing print devices. Our solution enables a proactive approach in that RICOH Device Manager NX can automatically discover and begin monitoring your print devices for toner and paper levels and other consumables. Proactive alerts can go directly to admins or service providers to help keep workflows running smoothly.


Remotely manage print devices


Respond to important print device issues from any location


You may not always be close to a print server to resolve print device issues. With RICOH Device Manager NX, you can use your connected mobile device to access real-time reporting and your admin dashboard. Our solution even provides enhanced error polling to notify you about potential print device issues before they cause downtime. Ultimately, you can perform critical admin functions while on the go, including remote fleet updates, driver installations, configurations and more. Now, shorten response times for current issues or pending issues anytime, anywhere.


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