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Insights Central™

Collecting and interpreting disparate data is a barrier for many business leaders.¹

  • 40% say they require additional resources for data collection

  • 36% say it makes strategic decision-making slower

  • 26% say it introduces more opportunities for error

Fortunately, there is a solution.

Solve data management and analysis challenges across your organization by aggregating data from multiple sources and converting it into actionable insights. Insights Central™, powered by Ricoh's Intelligent Business Platform℠ (IBP) business intelligence tool, collects and presents data from disparate sources, enabling the tracking and analysis of business-critical metrics.

Insights and customer stories

Intelligent mail solution improves workflow
Intelligent mail solution improves workflowCase Studies

Intelligent mail solution improves workflow

Intelligent mail delivery helps this firm seamlessly deliver mail to remote employees

Next phase of cloud democratization
Next phase of cloud democratizationArticles

Next phase of cloud democratization

Cloud democratization increases the usefulness and access to cloud applications for employees, and even customers, increasing the value to the business.

Public Utility Company
Public Utility CompanyCase Studies

Public Utility Company

A public utility company utilized Ricoh's Intelligent Business Platform and services for digital mail automation, lockers, sustainability and more.

Insights Central at a glance

Boost data visibility

Integrate data from multiple inbound and outbound services, for a full end-to end view. Customize display, reporting, and visualizations.

Gain deeper business insights

Track, measure, and analyze metrics to understand outcomes around business process performance, ROI, SLAs, and more.

Enhance business agility

Trust your data to monitor trends and guide adaptation to changes with accurate business forecasting.

Access anywhere

View and work in any location via the secured, cloud-based Intelligent Business Platform.

Why a centralized business intelligence tool

Improved business analytics

By consolidating data analysis in a single, centralized dashboard, an organization can see relationships between metrics from separate applications. Centralized data delivers a more holistic view of business processes to drive better customer experience.

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Enable data-driven decision making

Near real-time performance metrics and trend tracking consolidated on a single dashboard enables stakeholders to make quick decisions, converting data to actionable business insights.

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Data accessibility takes on new meaning

Centralized analytics across multiple business processes introduces new opportunities to present data in meaningful ways. Custom dashboards add structure and context for raw data, enabling business leaders to action insights by leveraging business intelligence.

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How Insights Central works

Data consolidation

Data aggregation from multiple systems centralizes information for analysis. The low code platform uses the latest in data warehousing and data normalization to consolidate raw data and turn it into actionable insights.

Intelligent analytics

Advanced analytics tools convert data into useful information with customized visualizations, reports and metrics specific to your business needs, ensuring you get the insights that matter most.

One platform, multiple service models

Track, measure, and analyze metrics for existing business process applications, or consider implementing one of Ricoh’s intelligent business processes.

With IBP, you can subscribe to a library of applications and services that align with your business processes. We offer proven workflows for a wide range of use cases in banking and finance, human resources, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, sales, supply chain and more. Deploying IBP – a true Business Process as a Service solution – brings consistency and continuity to your operations while you reap the rewards of becoming more informed and more connected with your employees and customers.

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