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Simple Send

Deliver consistent business communications with secured, trackable correspondence services

Simplify workflows and deliver correspondence seamlessly

Simple Send enables physical customer correspondence via print and mail through our secured, low-code, and intuitive Intelligent Business Platform℠ (IBP) to create seamless user experiences, while empowering remote employees to submit customer correspondence fulfillment from anywhere.

Elevate your CX with data-driven insights

Gain full visibility into your customer’s mail correspondence experience with centralized and secure tracking. Get near real-time visibility on the project status. 

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Increase efficiencies with seamless workflows

Managing communications from a cloud platform improves visibility into customer communications, allowing for streamlined workflows and delivery, increased security and compliance, and greater production efficiencies that can translate into reduced costs.

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Enable employee efforts and productivity wherever they work

Equipping hybrid and remote employees with the tools needed to participate in workflows efficiency can be a challenge, especially with disparate systems. Cloud-based Simple Send connects team members working anywhere to contribute in real-time through seamless communications, task management, and resource access.

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Key elements of Simple Send

Send correspondence from anywhere, anytime

Performance reporting, metrics, and insights

Secured communications protects customer data privacy

End-to-end visibility

Fast onboarding

Intuitive interface

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