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Process AP™

Accounts payable automation with small business budgets in mind

Simplify reconciliation & approvals for faster AP processing

Accounts payable workflows and invoice management can be labor-intensive. Ricoh's Process AP automates key business processes and workflows, regardless of document format or source. Powered by advanced data capture and workflow management technologies, you can optimize AP processing and invoice reconciliation with an enterprise-level solution designed for small and mid-sized businesses.

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Accelerate accounts payable workflows

Benefits of automated AP processing

Advanced automation ends the hassle, frustration, and endless follow-ups needed to complete accounts payable workflows.

  • Boost employee productivity by eliminating repetitive, manual tasks

  • Improve customer and vendor experiences with faster payables

  • Drive growth by empowering employees to focus on core business objectives

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What you can do with Process AP

  • Capture and classify data from paper and digital files into a single, centralized database

  • Track and manage unmatched and conflicting data with flexible filtering and reporting

  • Replicate all vendor transactions including purchase orders, invoices, and more

  • Design conditional approvals, delivered by email or via web interface

  • Feed captured data into your current accounting or ERP systems

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Deploy in days with expert support

Our team will work with you and your teams to get you started in days, not weeks. Onboarding is simple, direct, and designed to get the solution deployed fast. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Kick-off: we’ll meet, do introductions, set up the account, and set the plan

  • Build: setup vendors

  • Configure: integrate all necessary components

  • Test: User Acceptance Testing (UAT) / end user training

  • Client care: final Q&A and customer support hand-off

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Key features

Automated AP workflows

2- and 3-way matching

Reporting dashboards

Flexible monthly subscription plans

Initial end-user and vendor set-up

Direct integration with leading accounting software

How it works

Automation does most of the work. Here's a snapshot of what you will need to do once deployed.

  1. Scan or upload purchase order (PO) once submitted.

  2. Scan or upload packing list upon receipt for two-way matching.

  3. Scan or upload invoice upon receipt for three-way matching.

  4. If everything matches, Process AP generates approved transaction. If not, an exception report is generated.

  5. (optional) Data transferred to account system or ERP.

Ready for the benefits of automated AP processing?

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