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RICOH kintone plus

Empower your workforce with streamlined workflows from the all-in-one workflow management platform that organizes data, workflows, and conversation.

Redefine the way you work.

Keep teams and projects on track

Eliminate data and improve collaboration

All your data lives in a single shared platform with data updates available in real-time, ensuring the most current information is available to all team members.

Reduce email clutter and redundancy

Conversations can be followed and reviewed right in the platform, so you won't need to rehash old conversations or look through emails.

Track processes through custom, step-by-step workflows

Everyone on the team can see time-sensitive deadlines, task statuses, and other project details to keep projects moving forward and on schedule.

Turn data into business intelligence with custom reporting

Reporting transforms your data into insights to inform decision-making and process planning through colorful graphs, charts, and more – all at the click of a button.

Empower employees to work from anywhere, anytime

You and your teams can access data and tasks via mobile or desktop, in the office, on the road, or at home to stay productive wherever you are.

Keep projects moving with automated reminders

Automated reminders and notifications keeps teams up-to-date on deadlines, task assignments, approvals, and much more.

How it works

Drag-and-drop technology makes creating customized workflows simple for everyday business users, enabling them to manage work the way that works for them. From data fields in a database to steps in a task, the options for custom workflows and processes are unlimited.

  • Simple enough for low-tech team members to learn

  • Speeds software development process

  • Teams get what they want from the software

  • Adaptable to serve multiple processes, groups, and projects

  • Fewer unique software tools needed

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