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Accelerate manufacturing innovation while reducing the challenges of a growing enterprise


Advanced manufacturing technologies — including IoT, robotics and AI — offer manufacturing plants more innovative ways to engage their workforce and improve the customer experience. RICOH Digital Workplace Solutions help drive manufacturing innovation by combining the right experts, services and technology to reduce inefficiencies that slow growth and raise costs.

In the quest to transform in the Industry 4.0 era, manufacturers are integrating clients, business partners, digital processes and advanced manufacturing technologies — shaping today's smart factories by increasing manufacturing innovation and speed to market.

As you innovate to help meet evolving customer expectations, new challenges arise — including the infrastructure necessary to scale with new growth. This is especially true when it comes to the resources you need to deliver exceptional service and support for your products. By leveraging our global manufacturing infrastructure, we help customers implement creative strategies that solve complex problems. We can help you streamline distribution networks as you expand to other countries, or provide you with service technicians trained in break/fix repairs.

In addition, we can help you improve communications, maintain brand consistency and enhance collaboration by bringing remote workers, manufacturing plant employees and customers together to share ideas anytime, anywhere. Let's work together to increase productivity in your manufacturing plant, warehouse and distribution center, and empower employees to spend more time on manufacturing innovation.

Services and solutions

  • Enterprise Support Services

    Expand into new markets and increase productivity by freeing employees to focus on manufacturing innovation with solutions that include IT project and technology support.

  • Workplace Productivity Services

    Empower your manufacturing plant workforce and remote employees to collaborate more efficiently with digital technologies that make sharing innovative ideas easier while also helping you maximize your factory floor space.

  • Customer Communications Management & Mail Services

    Improve the customer experience with marketing and mail solutions that can be tailored to fit your specific needs, and get the insights you need to make the transformation in Industry 4.0 with multi-channel data analytics.

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