Increasing Productivity

Increasing Productivity

Life science

Digitizing information isn't just about using less paper. It's about working smarter.

More than ever, life sciences and pharmaceutical companies are under pressure to do more with less. More development. More innovation. More impact on patient and public health. Less time and money spent moving paper back and forth. As your company works to find new ways to drive productivity and efficiency, Ricoh can help you work smarter.

Ricoh's Digitization and Data Processing BPO Services go beyond scanning documents. Our intelligent document and data capture tools make sense of incoming information and automatically classify, sort, index, tag and extract data.

We help you scan and capture paper-based documents so you can convert unstructured data into useful information. Depositing digitized data into a content management system (CMS) means you can efficiently store, access, share and manage data on premise or in the cloud.

And we offer web-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise content management — which helps to ensure that information flows throughout your organization based on what it is, who needs to access it and for how long.

Services and solutions

  • Digitization & Data Processing

    Convert paper and unstructured digital information into useful, organized eFiles.

  • Digital Rights Management

    Identify and protect your most important information assets: intellectual property, trade secrets, classified documents and personally identifiable information (PII).

  • Advanced Document Capture Services

    Improve access to information by digitizing paper documents and organizing unstructured data.

  • Enterprise Content Management Services

    Improve the way you manage, share, distribute and secure enterprise content — fueling greater efficiency, collaboration and clarity.

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  • Consulting

    Get a fresh perspective and expert insights on process improvement, paperless strategies and compliance solutions — with change management support.

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