Improving Experiences

Improving Experiences

Life science

Give your people the insights and information they need to better serve patients and customers.

From product development to commercialization, life sciences and pharmaceutical companies face tremendous complexity. Among the challenges: A large number of regulatory requirements. Growing pressure to increase speed and operational efficiency. And, a rapidly changing healthcare landscape with new payment and care delivery models affecting how products are prescribed and used.

All the while, life sciences and pharmaceutical companies must work to build and deliver positive experiences to patients, customers and their own teams. Ricoh can help you improve those experiences.

For better patient/customer experiences, look to services for developing, personalizing, producing and distributing electronic and printed communications. Our Production Print Managed Services help alleviate the burden of operating and maintaining the print infrastructure necessary for patient and customer communications.

To enhance employee experiences, unleash Ricoh's innovative tools for communication and collaboration — including Collaboration Services for working more effectively any time, anywhere and Visual Communications Services for high-quality remote video support.

When your people can share insights and information, it empowers them to be more effective in serving patients and customers and driving toward your business goals.

Services and solutions

  • Production Print Managed Services

    Outsource printing and mailing to Ricoh to reduce capital expenses and tap the capacity you need when you need it.

  • Web Content Management Services

    Leverage end-to-end web content management and digital marketing automation to rapidly deploy, manage and optimize your websites and digital content.

  • Visual Communications Services

    Enhance remote collaboration, webinars and virtual meetings with video.

  • Collaboration Services

    Thrive in today's highly collaborative workplace with Ricoh's complete portfolio of collaboration cloud services, videoconferencing equipment and touchscreen interactive whiteboards.

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  • IT Project Support Services

    Put expert planning and experience to work for your office moves, data center configurations and other IT projects.

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