Empowering Digital Workpaces

Empowering Digital Workplaces

Life science

Drive greater speed, improved transparency and more effective collaboration — so work happens whenever and wherever it needs to.

Virtually every life sciences and pharmaceutical company is under pressure to accelerate research and development and improve engagement with a growing array of stakeholders, including healthcare consumers. All the while, it's critical to remain compliant with complex regulations and contain operational costs.

Empowering digital workplaces can help address many of those challenges. In a digital workplace, your people can access information, collaborate with each other and complete processes on their own terms. How does Ricoh help?


Our Managed Print Services (MPS) make it possible to centralize output management to help lower printing costs, safeguard information and reduce waste. Meanwhile, Managed Print as a Service (MPaaS) reimagines MPS, enabling you to free up resources for your IT department, enhance print security and take advantage of cloud scalability so you can keep pace with growth.


Our Workplace Services provide the tools and insights you need to better understand how you use your facilities, make workspaces more functional and manage costs.

How can Ricoh help you empower digital workplaces?


Services and solutions

  • Managed Print Services

    Ricoh's Managed Print Services make it possible to reduce the costs of your print environment without compromising on quality.

  • Managed Print as a Service

    Scalable, subscription managed print services with options to fit your business.

  • Digital Rights Management

    Identify and protect your most important information assets: intellectual property, trade secrets, classified documents and personally identifiable information (PII).

  • Facilities/Workplace Management Services

    Want more functional, cost-effective workspaces? Start with Ricoh's tools and insights for improving the use of your facilities.

  • Marketing Solutions

    Make integrated marketing easier and better with services like cross-media strategies, data mining, messaging, technology recommendations and more.

  • Inbound & Outbound Mail Services

    Get customized mail room management and print mail solutions to help you improve communications and satisfy compliance requirements.

  • Data Center Services

    Protect your data with Ricoh owned and operated world class data centers, get backup strategies, IT management and reliability for your mission-critical applications.

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