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In this new world of work, you're under more pressure than ever to run your organization efficiently, expand your revenue streams and grow your practice. 


To get there, you need to transform your law firm or legal department into a law business — to go beyond simply practicing law to embrace the changing workstyles, information management and process improvements that are so critical to your success.

With our help, this type of Practice Innovation is within your grasp.

Our combination of award-winning hardware, software and solutions — along with our knowledgeable consultants — can provide you with a custom turn-key solution to address your biggest challenges. This begins with your information, which is at the core of every decision you make.

We'll upgrade your business processes and give you the tools to better manage your information, making it available in the right place, time and form to the people who need it the most. Your attorneys, operations and litigation support personnel will be able to capture, find, access and use data, whenever and wherever they need it. You'll not only support your increasing mobile workforce, but can also reduce risk, save money and more successfully advise and counsel clients.


Services & solutions

  • Cost Recovery

    Simplify your billing and printing with technologies that track and analyze your print, copy and scan activities with actionable usage data. 

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  • Ricoh Legal Advanced Workflow (RLAW)

    Scan and manage your legal information more effectively, and be better prepared for court filings. 

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  • Litigation Support

    We'll help you organize, analyze, and present case materials as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

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  • Managed Print Services

    Optimize people, processes, technology and strategy so your workers can create, store and use information more effectively.

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